This is an all levels practice, however best for those with at least 2 months of yoga asana practice.  It is a physical practice linking breath and movement utilizing a variety of sequences. Each teacher will support the student in a physical practice with precise alignment cues as well offer the opportunity to explore a variety of advanced variations as well as gentler modifications.  Advanced Beginner thru Advanced (temperature 80-85 degrees).

Core Vinyasa: As the foundation to all postures, core strength supports not just our poses and the transitions between poses, but also movement in every day life. This flowing vinyasa practice will incorporate core work to isolate the deep intrinsic muscles of the abdominals, pelvic floor and shoulder girdle as we move through a flowing vinyasa sequence. Equally important as strengthening is to learn how to soften these same muscle groups. Class will be fun and challenging yet accessible for all levels.

Hatha: Most asana classes are based in the root practice of Hatha Yoga.  The Hatha class will move in a precise manner between postures at a moderate pace with particular attention paid to the breath.  This class may also include Pranayam (breath practices) as well as Kriyas (cleansing practices). This is all levels class is wonderful for those newer to the Practice or seasoned Yogis. All Levels (temperature 75-80 degrees)

Meditation: These 30 minute open sittings are for all students, whether you are an experienced meditator or have never sat before.  This is a free offering for the community to sit with others in silence.  Just come in, grab a cushion, sit and Be. All levels

Wall Vinyasa: This practice utilizes the wall throughout this creative vinyasa based practice.  The wall is a wonderful prop to assist with proper alignment, as a support as well as a way to deepen into the postures.  This class is all levels with options for more advanced variations and modifications offered throughout the practice. (75-80 degrees) Advanced Beginner-Advanced

Yin: This practice allows practitioners to hold postures (primarily floor shapes) from 3-5 minutes.  The practice is a powerful way to open up the flow of energy in the body as well as to create suppleness and restore vitality to tissues, ligaments, and joints. A wide variety of props such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets are used for support. All Levels (75 degrees)

Wall Yin/Restorative: This practice will guide you thru a Yin Yoga practice utilizing the wall as an additional prop. All Levels (75 degrees)

Kundalini: This practice derives its name through a focus on awakening kundalini energy through practices such as meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana. This powerful practice will guide you through deep breath work as well as a physical practice to awaken energy centers within the body.  Appropriate for all levels. All Levels (75-80 degrees)

Slow-Vin: Whether you are new to yoga, been away from your mat for a short or long period of time or perhaps you want to slow things down a bit, this is the class for you.   The teacher will guide you though a slower paced class with careful attention to breath, alignment and longer. All Levels (75-80 degrees)

Teen Yoga: Teen yoga is for all teens that are looking to create some space in their bodies as well as their minds.  With the hectic pace of teenage life and the pressures both physically (from intense sport programs) as well as academics, this practice will allow teens the opportunity to slow down and ground down! (Mild heat)

Intermediate/Advanced Yoga: Come and explore creative sequencing in a safe space. This class will provide options to dive deeper into variations, inversions and arm balances.  This practice will focus on intelligent sequencing as well as make inversions, arm balances and deeper asana variations more accessible.  This is for those practitioners with at least 6 months of practice –and those who would like to explore their edges in a safe lighthearted way. Intermediate/Advanced (80-85 degrees)

Pranayama: This class is a practice of controlling of breath, to regulate Pranan (life force). Through various breath exercises the Yogi can begin to move energy in the body as well as to deepen their ability for self- introspection. All levels (75 degrees)